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Busted IS cell had no plans to launch attacks in Kuwait
November 22, 2015, 9:57 am

 The recentlybusted DAESH cell had no plans to launch terrorist attacks in Kuwait or any other GCC country because the members of the cell were aware of the vigilance of the security authorities in the country, reports Al-Anba daily quoting an informed security source. He explained that interrogations with the suspects exposed the fact that there are many sympathizers of the terrorist organization DAESH and that some of them provided financial support and gave donations to the suspects based on their conviction that the money will be sent to DAESH.

Interrogations also revealed that most of the arrested members are unemployed but they received salaries, their residencies were renewed and their sponsors ensure the availability of good living conditions for them.

The source disclosed that the cell members had collected more than KD 1 million. He indicated that the cell was first detected through the monitoring of specialized devices when one of the members transferred sums of money frequently in Capital Governorate.

That money exchanger, who is of Syrian nationality, was the first to guide security authorities and had led to the detection of the cell.

The source explained that the arrest of the cell has greatly assisted both Ministry of Interior and the banking system in discovering some flaws which will be fixed in the coming period.

These flaws enabled militants and sympathizers of terrorist organizations to send money out of the country despite the banking procedures that are followed to prevent the sending of money illegally outside the country.

He said investigations with the terrorist cell members revealed that they sent DAESH terrorists from Kuwait and from neighboring Gulf countries and admitted that they sent at least 12 mujahidin, who were only paid money for travel and hotel reservations, under the disguise of tourists and they were also requested to shave their beards in order to blend with the surroundings.

The source revealed that the members of the cell used the app ‘Telegram’ to communicate among themselves and with members of DAESH, as they considered the app safer than WhatsApp and e-mails, which they believe are monitored by intelligence and security authorities both locally and internationally.

The members of the cell admitted that most of the funds came from the money collected in diwaniyas. Some of the individuals were fully aware that the money will be sent to the mujahidin while others were unaware of this. The source explained that the security authorities have notified the Interpol the names of the four suspects and their roles, including the fact that they were financiers of DAESH terrorist organization.

The information available to Ministry of Interior indicates the presence of many members of the organization in Europe

Meanwhile, Al-Shahed daily reported that one of the members of the network confirmed the existence of coordination and communication between the network and the intelligence services sector of a regional country, which provide support to the members of this network. He affirmed that the officers of that intelligence sector communicate with the network and provide them with the logistics, information and money if necessary.

The key suspect said several members of the DAESH cell received military training organized by that intelligence sector and they were re-deployed to a number of countries including Australia, Canada and Turkey. He added that one of the officers arranged passports for a number of DAESH members to ensure their freedom of movement and removal of suspicions on them.

Source: Arab Times

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