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CBK headquarters wins 2016 MEED Quality Awards for Projects
May 29, 2016, 8:59 am
New headquarters of Central Bank of Kuwait (CBK)

The new headquarters of Central Bank of Kuwait (CBK) has won the 2016 MEED Quality Awards for Projects as the best landmark in the country.

This took place during a MEED summit in Dubai on May 25, in the presence of a host of construction experts across the globe, said CBK in a press statement on Saturday, adding that its representative attended the events.

The new headquarters of CBK won the award as it contains unique designs, constructions and techniques as well as developed engineering.

The tower has become a new main landmark of Kuwait; it shows the State's strong economy and big contributions in the region.

It is one of the best achievements of major institutions, and the most creative and technical one in the area of construction in the world.

The building reflects designs and engineering of Kuwait's traditional architecture. It is characterized by the latest technology equipment with the applications of smart buildings, which include the latest information technology of facilities (I.S.T), in line with world-class standards.

Due to its technical properties, the building deserves to be awarded by major institutions of engineering and architecture evaluation across the globe. CBK's administration supervised directly the process of tender and following up construction.

The MEED awards don't only recognize the construction element of project delivery but also consider the value and quality of a project throughout its entire life-cycle, from the design concept through to engineering and construction and its wider contribution to society and the environment.

Source: KUNA

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