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CSC-approved new official structure surprises anti-graft body
September 21, 2014, 8:40 am

‘Huge wages, allowances for employees & senior officials okayed’

The Anti-Corruption Commission was surprised by the new official structure approved recently by the Civil Service Commission (CSC) because of the huge wages and allowances for employees and senior officials at a time the proposed alternative salary strategy is shrouded in ambiguities, reports Al-Seyassah daily quoting sources.

Sources disclosed the CSC approved three functional structures and that of the Anti-Corruption Commission is the most recent in the government circle. Sources said the structure contains salaries for those occupying leadership, supervisory and executive positions; in addition to other benefits, allowances and bonuses for the employees.

The decision specified salaries for senior officials and supervisors ranging from KD 600-KD 700 and KD 680-KD 780 as minimum and maximum basic salaries respectively.

This is in addition to regular allowance of KD 16; KD 400-KD 425 social allowance; KD 670-KD 1,000 special allowance; KD 800- KD 1,200 nature of job allowance; KD 1,000-KD 1,200 entitlement allowance; KD 3,000-KD 3,500 special bonus and KD 600 incentive so the total monthly package will range from KD 7,166-KD8,705. Meanwhile, the approved salaries, allowances and bonuses for Kuwaiti employees at the commission were divided into 20 grades.

The maximum excellent job performance bonus is KD 100, while the basic salaries for these grades range from KD 100-1,883. The highest salary range is from KD 149-3,105; whereas the social allowance for bachelors falls within KD 165-KD285 and married employees are entitled to KD 210- KD 390. By the time other allowances and bonuses for employees are added, the maximum monthly package for the employees will be KD 6,733.

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