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Call for urgent step to protect marine environment
July 3, 2016, 9:25 am

Several activists and experts in protecting turtles and marine environment in Kuwait have agreed that an urgent step must be taken to rescue rare species of animals threatened by extinction every year.

They attributed extinction of animals to human activities and development, noting that such a situation led to increase in the number of morning glory which negatively affects other marine creatures.

Environmental advocate and specialist in turtle protection in Kuwait Nancy Papathanasopoulou warned about the threat to existence of turtles in Kuwaiti marine environment.

She said islands and coral reefs are normally regarded as suitable for stability and reproduction of the specie, yet they are threatened by extinction.

She added the recent reports indicate that the rare marine animals visit South Kuwaiti islands and seaside, especially Qarouh and Umm Al-Maradem Islands.

She pointed out these islands are peculiar considering their temperature and atmosphere are appropriate for stability and reproduction as such animals hide their eggs underneath the hot beach sand.

 Last month, Chairman of the Environment Public Authority (EPA) Sheikh Abdullah Al-Ahmad Al Sabah has stressed the necessity of countering illegal trade of wild animals.

Protecting the wildlife is the duty of all, Sheikh Abdullah said in lecture during a ceremony organized by EPA to mark the World’s Environment Day (WED).

He added that the EPA would carry on with efforts to combat desertification and curb encroachments on the environment, as well as assessing the environmental conditions.

He said that the wildlife in Kuwait is rich, as there are up to 374 species of plants, and around 350 of birds, 18 of which are denizens of Kuwait.

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