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Call to ban use of water guns during National Day events, precious resource being wasted
February 3, 2016, 9:38 am

In the wake of the decision issued by Environment Public Authority (EPA) four years ago to ban foam sprayed during the National Days, celebrants have substituted foam with water and wasting the precious resource which Ministry of Electricity and Water spends huge sums in producing.

The question baffling many individuals is whether or not the ministry will issue a decision to prevent water wastage by imposing a ban on the use of water guns generally sold in the market in the course of the National Days festivity.

Undersecretary of Electricity and Water Engineer Mohamed Al-Bushari pointed to wastage of a quantity of water last year during the National Days, especially on the first day of celebration where about 14 million imperial gallons was wasted compared to the normal consumption rate.

Apparently, the sector spends roughly KD 10 for the production of 1,000 imperial gallons and the additional consumption costs the state KD 140,000. Therefore, the ministry is obliged to ban the use of water guns. However, reliable sources say the environmental police are empowered to deal with violations related to wastage of electricity and water, and in case a decision is applied in that regard, it will reprimand those who waste water during the National Days.

Source: Arab Times

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