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Call to deport immodestly dressed women in Kuwait
August 27, 2015, 3:11 pm

 A Kuwaiti lawmaker has called for deporting Asian women who go out in the evening wearing “scandalous clothes”, stressing there should be a zero tolerance towards anyone attempting to lure young people and corrupt society.

“I fully support any move to amend the law and toughen rules against those propagating vice and undermining morals,” MP Abdul Rahman Al Jiran said. “We obviously need to rectify the demographic situation to preserve the character of the Kuwaiti society. European countries are seriously considering tighter controls of their borders and sea coasts, while the initiative to revoke the passports of lawbreakers has gained momentum there and in the US as well, away from the focus of the media and the ostentatious fanfare of politicians,” he said in remarks published by Kuwaiti daily Al Rai on Thursday.

The lawmaker said Interior Minister Shaikh Mohammad Al Khalid and the ministries of social affairs and municipalities should reinvigorate the control and monitoring campaigns and inspection operations to ensure all health clubs and salons complied with the laws and regulations.

“The focus should be on suspicious places and in areas where residents have been angrily complaining about the presence of Asian women with outrageously shocking clothes in the late hours of the evening,” he said. “The law should be fully applied to make sure that the public values of the Kuwaiti society are upheld and that all foreigners respect the laws and order of the country. There is an urgent need to protect young people from negative and suspicious behaviours and attitudes,” he said.

Soliciting is strictly prohibited in Kuwait.

In May, security authorities arrested 83 European women suspected of online soliciting. The women promoted themselves on social networks and said they wanted KD150 for illicit relations, security sources said.

The police monitored their moves until they were certain about their illegal activities, arrested them and referred them to the competent authorities, the sources added.

Source: Gulf News

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