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Campaign nets in 3,781 lawbreakers – Thousands of illegal expats, criminals held in raids
January 7, 2016, 8:11 am
Ministry of Interior make a campaign to nab lawbreakers in Benaid-el-Qar.

In its campaign to nab lawbreakers, the Ministry of Interior combed the suburb of Bneid Al-Gar where it arrested 3,781 lawbreakers, a press statement by the ministry said on Wednesday.

A strong show of force was carried out by ministry personnel on the scene in that suburb to prevent lawbreakers from fleeing the area, said the statement.

It stressed that all expat residents must carry with them at all times proof of identification documents to avert being arrested and potentially at some point being deported, said the statement.

Further, it urged businesses, citizens, and residents to make sure that those whom they hire for work have valid residency permits and not to hire anyone with no residency documentation or with an expired one to avoid legal accountability.

In a campaign to pursue illegals and sustain order, security operatives from the Ministry of Interior arrested thousands of people in Bneid Al-Qar early morning raids. A statement by the Security Media Department said security forces raided the area with sophisticated equipment to prevent criminals from escaping, and the operation was conducted in cooperation with patrolmen that were positioned at vantage points in different parts of the area.

The sector urges the general public — citizens and expatriates to be cooperative and carry their personal legal documents to avoid trouble and brush with the law.

Source: KUNA

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