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Campaign to arrest illegals, criminals, wanted continues
April 4, 2015, 8:09 am

Under the directives of the Assistant Undersecretary for General Security Department, General Security Sector continued its campaign to arrest individuals wanted by law and those found to have violated the law. In this regard, the security campaigns resulted in arrest of 39 individuals wanted by law in connection with civil and criminal cases, among them 5 people were under the influence of alcohol, three expatriates were in possession of drugs, and 10 people were violating residency law, in addition to 4 female citizens who were arrested for financial cases and absconding.

Jahra crackdown

Jahra securitymen launched several security campaigns in Jahra Governorate during which they arrested a disoriented GCC national in possession of drugs paraphernalia and KD 1,000 cash, as well as a Bangladeshi expatriate in possession of 25 bottles of locally brewed liquor and an undisclosed amount of money. Securitymen also seized 18 violators of residency law and two individuals wanted by law for financial crimes. They were referred to the Sentences Enforcement Department for necessary legal action against them.

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