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Campaign to ‘boycott’ buying fish has no significant effect on the prices
August 13, 2016, 8:22 am

The campaign to boycott buying fish from the fish market and other places where marine producers are sold had no significant effect on the market prices of fish, as they continued to soar instead of decreasing as expected.

The cost of Zubaidi fish is still KD 12 per kilogram while the price of shrimps increased from KD 95 per basket to KD 100-KD 110. The cost of Meed fish also increased to KD 35 per basket.

Surprisingly, the number of baskets of shrimps that were sold reached a record high despite the increased cost.

Some fish traders are blaming the ministry of Interior for the increased fish prices due to its decision to ban fishermen from using the Doha marine path and forcing them to use the southern marine path instead to enter the sea, which made fishing difficult and led to increase in the fish prices. 

Source: Arab Times

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