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Cams in mosques’ seeks Cabinet nod
September 15, 2015, 8:50 am

Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs has referred a detailed report to the Cabinet regarding the need for the approval of the project for installing more than 1,500 surveillance cameras in various Kuwaiti mosques, which will cost about KD 4 million, based on the ministry’s plan to protect all mosques in the country, official sources say.

They explained that the report included detailed explanation about the method to be followed for distributing the cameras, installing them around the mosques particularly at the entrances and exits, and operating them through a control system in the ministry.

These cameras will capture audiovisual records round the clock and these records will be maintained in the ministry for use when required. The sources revealed that the number of cameras to be installed in each mosque will depend on the size of the mosque and the area on which it stands, affirming that the cameras will record anyone who enters and leaves the mosques.

Source: Arab Times

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