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Canadian physicians to treat cancer patients in Kuwait
November 15, 2014, 8:08 am

A combined team of physicians from The Kuwait Cancer Control Center (KCCC) and Canada's Princess Margaret Cancer Centre will work together as one integrated task force to treat people in Kuwait afflicted primarily with cancer, although not discounting other diseases as well, said KCCC director on Friday.

The Canadian team of health providers consists of 17 physicians, nurses, and pharmacists who will take part in workshops and training sessions of benefit to Kuwaiti physicians and others working in the Ministry of Health, particularly those associated with KCCC, said the latter's director Dr. Ahmad Al-Awadhi, in a statement to KUNA.

The combined team of Kuwaiti and Canadian physicians will hold a breast cancer seminar on Nov.19 and another one on the pathology of breast cancer on Nov.25. The Canadian physicians are scheduled to also hold teaching seminars for Kuwaiti health providers, said the director.

The Ministry of Health had signed in Sept. 2010 an agreement with Canada's University Health Network, with which Princess Margaret Cancer Centre is associated, to provide care for cancer patients in Kuwait.

Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, previously called Princess Margaret Hospital, is a teaching hospital in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, affiliated with the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine as part of the University Health Network. The hospital now stands as the largest cancer centre in Canada [1] and one of the 5 largest cancer centres in the world.

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