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Candidate hits one-vote system
November 12, 2016, 8:25 am

 Former MP Abdul Rahman Al-Anjari who is contesting the National Assembly elections from the second constituency stressed Nov 26 parliamentary election imposition of the one-man one-vote on the electorate has given rise to negative social and political repercussions.

He noted Kuwait is a small community and cannot bear the current voting system which splits the one family, sect and tribe. In a press release, Al-Anjari warned if the next government refuses to change this law, then there must be a political accountability against it because Kuwait is living in the midst of a tense region.

He pointed out the last Parliament which has been dissolved is known for passing unjust laws and failing to protect the rights and dignity of people.

He also touched on the issue of hike in the prices of petrol, which he called is the main problem.

He added, the government will soon target the salaries of the citizens upon advice of the World Bank which has requested for slicing the salaries of government employees by 25 percent.

The fourth Constituency candidate Mubarak Haif Al-Hajraf said cooperation with the future government will be based on reinstating the citizenship of people that was stripped unfairly.

He noted the boycott of elections by the so-called opposition in protest over the one-man one-vote has not acquired the desired result. He was speaking during the opening of his campaign headquarters in Jahra.

Al-Hajraf explained the freedom indicator in the country has declined during the past three years due to the adoption of laws in violation of the Constitution.

He noted the government has also failed to manage the State revenues. He added the opposition by boycotting the earlier elections, “found themselves looking at the hijacked Parliament because that was not the Parliament that represented the people.” He pointed out the real Parliament that represents people must represent the interests of the people and defend their rights and possessions and not abandoned them.

The Third Constituency candidate Shaye Al-Shaye called the decision of the Civil Service Commission (CSC) to stop granting leave to school employee as unjust to a person who wishes to develop himself or his career.

He explained this decision will deny a large segment of employees who wish to acquire leave to appear for final examinations. He stressed the education is the backbone of progress and development of any country, “but it is clear that education comes last on the list of our government’s priorities.”

He added, Article 13 of the Constitution guaranteed education when it says “Education is a fundamental requisite for the progress of society, assured and promoted by the State.” He pointed out the CSC decision violates the Constitution.

He called on members of the next Parliament, specifically the educational committee, to develop solutions and suggestions taking into account the interests of employees in all State institutions to develop their scientific and practical skills.

Source: Arab Times

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