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Catholics celebrate Easter in Kuwait City
April 16, 2017, 10:17 am

The Holy Family Cathedral in Kuwait City erupted with color and elegance on Saturday evening as hundreds of parishioners attended church  to celebrate Easter mass that commemorates the resurrection of Christ.

In his message to the faithful during the solemn mass, the Nuncio delivered a message of hope. He said that the God of life has conquered death and thus given a positive message for his people to live in harmony and peace. He added, “God calls for people to remain optimistic and liberate themselves from shallowness and evil virtue, while being messengers of hope.” He stressed that the future of mankind could be peaceful as along as the parishioners, who were the harbingers of light and goodness, follow the scriptures and tend to their spiritual light.”

The mass ended with a jubilant and joyful feeling stirring the crowd, as they wished each other goodwill and the best for new beginnings. 

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