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Causes of deaths of Indian Nationals
January 15, 2015, 11:17 am
During the year 2014, total 559 deaths of Indian nationals were registered in the Indian Embassy.  Average age of death of these Indian nationals was found to be barely at 44.92 years — 42.8 years in domestic sector and 45.3 years in private sector. Gender-wise, in males average age at death was found to be 44.46 years, as against 47.47 years for females.
The lowest average age of death of 41.9 years was found among Indian domestic males. A higher average age of death of 55.97 years was found in dependent females. Some causes for deaths at a considerably lower age among Indians in Kuwait are as below:
a). Heart attacks
This is the most worrying cause of Indian deaths in Kuwait. There were 237 out of a total 559 deaths or about 42.4%. Heart attacks seem to be higher in males in the private sector vis-à-vis the domestic sector. The rate of heart attack among females is closer to one third that of males. Heart attack is often attributed to smoking, sedentary lifestyle, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, eating of fatty foods, sleep or rest deprivation, highly stressed working environment and lack of timely access to medical attention etc. 
b). Natural causes
Deaths due to natural causes are approximately one third of total Indian deaths. Out of total of 180 natural deaths during the period, 141 are in the age group of 26-65 years. Natural causes include various types of illnesses (excluding heart attacks) such as cancer/other life-threatening diseases, resulting in death of Indians in Kuwait. 
c). Traffic Accidents
This is also an area of serious concern as there were 56 deaths due to road accidents. 
d) Suicides
Suicides among Indians are a cause of concern. Out of 32 suicide cases reported during the period, 16 suicides are from domestic sector and 13 from private sector. Out of these 16 suicides in domestic sector, 13 were in the age group of 26-45 years, pointing to the possibility that the younger population may be more prone to suicides. Some of the reasons for suicides attributed are high degree of work stress, financial indebtness and living away from home. 
e). Other causes of death
     There were 24 deaths due to worksite accidents.
2.  Conclusion
High deaths among Indian nationals in Kuwait are predominantly due to lifestyle problems and harsh working conditions, high degree of physical & mental stresses and lack of medical awareness. In order to create awareness on fatal heart attacks among Indians as well as suicides, traffic accidents and illnesses etc.
The Indian Doctors’ Forum, Kuwait conducted a seminar on it in the month of November 2014.  The video recording of the seminar is available on the Embassy website for public benefit. Regular check-up of blood pressure and sugar is advised for monitoring these developments right from the beginning. The Indian Associations in Kuwait are taking lead in organizing medical camps at frequent intervals for the benefit of the community.
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