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Celebrating the National & Liberation Days
February 22, 2015, 7:44 pm

This year on 25th and 26th February Kuwait memorializes its 54th Independence Day and 26th Liberation Day. Each year to rejoice the core of patriotism, Kuwaitis celebrate with enormous pride and magnificent festivities.

The whole month of February features which is also known as HALA February features as one of the most happening and carefree days for the people of Kuwait be it the locals, the expats or tourists. Kuwait commemorates with innumerable carnivals, cultural activities, events, concerts, workshops, seminars etc. which are organized both for children and families. The celebrations also include spectacular lights illuminated all over Kuwait, be it in the malls, out in the parks, government buildings, oil companies or public buildings. The bright lights highlight the essence of liberation and independence. All the streets and roads are decorated with colors of the Kuwaiti flag. It is just breath-taking to see such a colorful, happy and blessed surrounding; and this makes me more proud to call Kuwait home.

During childhood, we never missed out on the National and Liberation Day celebrations; we enjoyed with foam sprays and decorated my father’s car with lots of Kuwaiti flags. And from generation to generation this tradition continues. The only difference being I am driving the car with my son, his cousins and friends. Of course back in the days we enjoyed spraying each other with foam and we always seem to run out of cans, but then with the banning of foam sprays, water guns came into effect and the tradition still continues.In this day and age I personally feel water guns are safer and I love the fact that it can be enjoyed by any age group. A multitude of people are also seen dancing on the streets and the Gulf road holding the national flag - a moment of sheer delight in honoring the country.

The holidays allow people to indulge in dining out most of the timeand you can see bazaars, souks and malls selling a variety of items depicting the national flag in forms of clothes, banners, hats, masks, wigs, etc.

This majestic merriment creates a bond of brotherhood and unites the people in peace and harmony throughout Kuwait.

This time of the year, the weather is beautiful and a great time for hospitality, thus Kuwait attracts a lot of tourists from all over the world. Not to forget this month of long celebrations offers huge discounts, shopping extravaganzas, special airfare and hotel packages. 

The celebrations just do not stop here in the city but in the midst of the desert, the lively atmosphere takes place in the chalets and camps, where they have several family activities like kite flying, buggies, motor race, camel rides, camping, bon fires and the list goes on.

I am listing a few places where you will find a majority of people celebrating their National and Liberation holidays:
The Kuwait International Trade Fair Grounds – Enjoy the Carnival City
1001 Inventions Exhibition from 4th Feb to 7th March at the Scientific Center Tent
Horseback riding on the beach Call 55546773
Bake Sale at AUS Middle School Student Council Feb 22nd and 23rd (part of the profit goes to PAWS Kuwait Animal Shelter)
Hala Feb Art Camp Feb 22nd to Feb 26th Call: 97775273
El Salam American Nursery Feb 25th, 26th and 27th Book Fair (books, games, DVDs, watched and more) Call 65166743
Visit the Al Mubarakiya Expo in Souq Al Mubarakiya
Kuwait Towers
Green Island
Al Shaab Leisure Park
Messila Beach

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Take part in the Instagram challenge check it out on @bazaargram and @partyland_kuwait  Use the hashtag #WeHeartKuwait.

Wishing everyone Happy Holidays and Stay Safe!

By Reema Chadha

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