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Central Agency completes 4,407 procedures for illegal residents
June 7, 2015, 11:42 am
The Central Agency for Remedying Illegal Residents' Status said Saturday that it has completed 4,407 procedures for illegal residents in the country at a number of government and non-government bodies between January and May 2015. Around 6,841 illegal residents benefited from these procedures, Abdullah Al-Farhan, the agency's director of information department said, noting that the were mostly directed to the Health Ministry, which alone received 2,100 procedures regarding 3,168 individuals during the same period.
The central agency has also directed 1,206 procedures regarding 1,688 individuals at the legal authentication department at the Justice Ministry, Al-Farhan said, adding that it also sent 419 procedures regarding 540 illegal residents to the Interior Ministry.
He also said that 218 procedures regarding 450 individuals were sent to the Kinship and Name Correction Lawsuits Committee, 192 procedures regarding 213 illegal residents sent to Zakat House, 131 procedures for 181 individuals sent to the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI), 54 procedures regarding 479 sent to the defense ministry, and 87 procedures for 122 illegal residents sent to other bodies.
Meanwhile, the agency has also checked the status of 290 individuals who submitted their educational degrees to the Civil Service Commission (CSC), Al-Farhan said. 
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