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Chic dress trends
September 9, 2018, 4:37 pm

For summer, dresses are a wardrobe essential you can consistently count on. To tackle the summer heat, the best outfit option is an effortless dress. It's a quick fix for making a statement without the fuss of separates. The lightweight fabrics and airy shapes aren't so constricting as the temperatures rise. Plus you always feel polished and put-together when you throw on a modern style dress. Here are a few of the best modern options for dresses. 

Patterned prairie dresses: Ignore white prairie dresses for being too casual; instead seek out vibrant choices in new prints and styles. There are types with high-impact details like voluminous sleeves and full skirts that will allow you to showcase your personal style. Dress to impress with clever combinations like layering a sheer, ruffled dress over another style of dress. When you're wearing something that makes a statement, keep the rest of your look subtle. Like wear a long, flowy frock with simple sandals. If your patterned dress is eye-catching, opt for contemporary-feeling footwear to keep it balanced.

Pretty much everything looks more modern with a shorter hemline, so why not try a Victorian prairie mini-dress for your next night out?

Neon satin dresses:  This summer is all about refreshingly bright shades and lightweight textures. Since neon hues can feel like a big commitment, pick a flattering color and stick with it. Whether it is something warm like a yellow or orange or a cooler hue, know what works with your skin tone.

Feeling especially adventurous? Consider a dress of clashing neon hues in unexpected ways.

Unsure of what to style with something so colorful? One easy trick is to finish off a neon ensemble with a pair of white shoes. Simple and summery without drawing too much attention away from the rest of your look.

If you're looking to try the trend without doing too much shopping, try going tonal by layering similar-hued styles already sitting in your closet. Suddenly, pieces you never before would have worn together work seamlessly.

Blazer dresses: There’s no denying that blazer dresses are amazing and one piece gives you a touch of tailored glamour. You can either amp up your blazer dress with heeled boots or stilettos. Blazer dresses come in different styles so choose what works for you.  You can work with patterned or embellished suit like a double breasted dress in a slouchy oversize fit and utilitarian details that have a touch of vintage. Or maybe you want to experiment with trends like velvet and ruffles, there are many choices. 

For those fashion-forward girls, a trendy bat wing sleeve blazer dress can be an absolute showstopper. To make a statement, dress up in a color block one, or strike a fashion-forward look with a cute print.  Go monotone with a lightweight cream or white linen blazer that looks casual yet sophisticated while keeping you cool in the sweltering summer heat. Sporty meets sparkly when you pick a blazer embellished with sequins for a cool-girl look.


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