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Children and rent allowances included in strategic alternative to salary scale
August 1, 2016, 8:56 am

The children and rent allowances have been included in the strategic alternative to the salary scale, says Chairman of the parliamentary Financial and Economic Affairs Committee MP Faisal Al-Shaya.

While affirming that the strategic alternative to the salary scale will be ready by the beginning of the next legislative round, Al-Shaya disclosed in a press statement that the government, represented by the Ministry of Finance, promised to present a clear strategy regarding the financial situation of the State.

Al-Shaya said the government also promised to conduct a comprehensive study in order to put an end to questions about the children and rent allowances, salary scale, bonuses and salary increments.

He added his committee will continue working this summer, after taking a short break, in order to prepare some bills and work on draft laws awaiting a response from the government such as the proposed amendments to regulations on the work of accountants and auditors, in addition to the fund for Kuwaitis studying abroad at their own expense.

He also stressed the need to carefully study the last proposal because the number of Kuwaitis studying in Egypt alone reached 15,000 and several others are studying in other countries.

If all these students are granted a loan equivalent to the total cost of their studies, it is not easy to pay the loan once they start working as it depends on several factors.

The establishment of a fund valued at KD 50 million, which will be taken from the State’s coffers, is not enough considering the number of students.

 Talking about the reform document, Al-Shaya revealed the committee has looked into the questions of the government on various issues, including the implementation of the Privatization Law and the adoption of legislation in line with the document.

He added the Parliament will continue discussions on the document in the next legislative round. 

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