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Chinese workers demand back pay – Gathering at embassy draws police force
June 4, 2016, 9:26 am

Police and personnel from the Special Task forces rushed to the Chinese Embassy in Yarmouk fearing the large number of Chinese who had gathered at the embassy premises may cause harm to the officials and the embassy, reports Annahar daily.

According to the daily the force was dispatched to the embassy after the Operations Room of the Ministry of Interior received information about the gathering of a large number of men at the embassy.

The daily learnt men were complaining about the non-payment of their salaries by their company for several months and also the delay by the company to repatriate them.

The police force was led by Assistant Undersecretary for General Security Affairs Major- General Ibrahim Al-Tarrah. The daily added, officials from the Public Authority for Manpower attended the talks and ensured their salaries will be paid and they will be flown back home.


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