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Citizens, expats hit at bid to up fees for health services
December 7, 2014, 9:40 am

A number of citizens and residents have expressed resentment over the supposed intention of the Health Ministry to increase fees for health services provided to expatriates; indicating an expatriate currently pays KD50 for his health insurance, KD40 for the wife and KD30 for children below 18 years old annually, reports Al- Seyassah daily.

They said the provider of a family with five members is forced to borrow money to complete procedures for renewing the residence of the entire family every year, because of the fees for renewal of the health insurance.

They asked the health minister not to increase the health insurance fees and to be merciful to those with limited income.

They pointed out an expatriate pays KD50 for health insurance every year and when he visits the clinic, he has to pay KD1, or KD2 if  he visits the hospital, although he already paid the health insurance for the whole year.

They wondered how the expatriates could cope with the increasing fees considering they are not given salary increments.

They added the private schools increased their fees this year, yet the Ministry of Education did not take any procedure to protect expatriates; indicating an expatriate who lives with his family here cannot save any money.

They went on to say the prices of foodstuff have been increasing in an illogical manner, prompting many citizens to go to Saudi Arabia to buy basic commodities and food items because the prices there are cheaper.

They believe the rising price of diesel led to the increase in the prices of almost everything and the expatriates can no longer afford them. They argued if Kuwait gives up the services for expatriates to this extent, it should express appreciation for them and ask them to leave the country.

They lamented the increase of fees for health services provided to expatriates, as well as the 100 percent hike in rents for the past five years, foodstuff prices and school fees, entail a difficult live for expatriates whose salaries are not increased.

They went on to say such circumstances will force expatriates to return either to their countries or send their families back home - a situation which will have a negative impact on the real estate sector and create a society of bachelors.

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