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Clients furious as hackers steal KD 4 mln from banks
December 16, 2014, 9:31 am

A gang has hacked into several accounts in local banks in the last two days and stole KD 4 million.  According to informed sources, a number of banking clients rushed to their banks and complained about unknown cash withdrawals from their accounts.  Investigations revealed that the gang used hackers to obtain details of the banking clients, forged the microchips and the debit cards, and withdrew the money from the ATM machines.

The banks have notified the concerned security authorities but they decided to keep the issue a secret in order to avoid creating panic among their Kuwaiti and expatriate clients which could lead the latter to withdraw all their money from their accounts and cause a financial crisis in the country.  Al-Seyassah daily held a meeting with the information security officers of some banks to discuss about the matter.

They revealed that the concerned security authorities have been notified about the matter to launch investigations, and identify and arrest the gang. The cameras installed at the ATM machines and records from other surveillance equipments will be used to identify the suspects.

A number of victims informed the daily that they felt agitated when the banks refused to return the money stolen from their accounts. They revealed that they contacted the banks about the matter but the officials affirmed that they are not responsible for the stolen money. They requested the victims to present their complaints at the head offices of the bank.

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