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Cold spell to last six days - Air traffic restarts
February 21, 2015, 8:12 am
Dust-storm engulfs roads and other areas of Kuwait. A freak storm hit the country at around 4 pm on Friday.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation announced Friday the resumption of navigation at Kuwait International Airport after it was suspended earlier in the day due to low visibility caused by the sandstorm this afternoon.Navigation resumed after visibility restored to normal at 500 meters, Director of Operations Department at the airport Saleh Al-Fadaghi told KUNA. The Kuwait Meteorological Department expected on Thursday a cold air mass causing dust could hit the country this afternoon.

Earlier, Kuwait Ports Authority announced Friday the suspension of navigation at the Shuwaikh, Shueiba and Doha ports due to the low visibility caused by the sandstorm that hit the country today. Director of marine operations at the port of Shuwaikh Mousa Behbehani told KUNA that the suspension of the movement of vessels from and into the port was necessary to ensure the safety of workers. He pointed out that the wind speed exceeded 52 kmph and the visibility lowered to less than 100 meters. The navigation will resume once the weather improves, he said. Meanwhile, Acting Director of the Marine Operation at Shueiba Port Tawfiq Shehab told KUNA that the wind speed exceeded 40 kmph and the visibility lowered to less than half a mile.

Four vessels were denied access to the port and three others were prevented from leaving due to the bad weather, he said. The Ministry of Interior (MoI) has urged citizens and residents to keep a wary eye as Kuwait has been hit by bad weather and dusty storms as well as low visibility on some roads. “Citizens and residents are required to take precautions to protect themselves and their family members, to observe speed limits on roads and to use the safety belt in all conditions and circumstances in order to avoid collision effects,” the ministry’s security information said in a statement on Friday. The ministry also urged motorists to keep traffic flowing smoothly and to keep away from sites of accidents.

Meanwhile, meteorologist Issa Ramadan has warned of unstable weather during the next 48 hours. He said Kuwait will be hit by a cold spell beginning from Sunday which may last for 5 to 6 days, reports a local daily. He pointed to the possibility of more rain in March to compensate for what “we have lost in winter’. Ramadan pointed out the temperature will fall due to the passage of high polar air that will give rise to a cold wave beginning Sunday.

The speed of winds will be more than 50 kilometers per hour, with the possibility of dust storm in the evening. Ramadan said the temperatures will drop for six days and that Saturday and Sunday are expected to be the coldest. He predicted rainy ‘season’ will last until the beginning of May. Among the effects of the wave of sandstorm that hit the country yesterday evening, the strong wind caused the fall of tents at the heritage festival in Salmi area, and according to the Kuwait Fire Service Directorate, the incident at the heritage festival resulted in no human casualties, and that its personnel contained the area immediately.

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