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Cold weather to continue this week
February 4, 2014, 10:59 pm
Astronomer Dr Saleh Al-Ojairi expected fresh chances of rain to be scarce after rainfall two days ago in most parts of the country. He expected the weather during the week to be relatively cold, as winds will switch to the north westernly direction and clouds will form periodically. He asked people not to wear summer clothes until the start of March for youths and the end of the month for the elderly. He said waves will be high and asked those who are not experienced to stay away from the sea, as winds may pick up speed suddenly most of the time.
Meanwhile, astronomer Khalid Al- Jamaan said winter in Kuwait and the region in general has reached its halfway stage, and the angle of sun rays has started to gradually increase in tandem with the drop of night hours. Jamaan said the angle of sun rays exceeded 44 degrees after being at the lowest level – 37.14 – in December.
He said the increase in angle and number of day hours is one of the reasons of relative moderation in temperatures the country witnessed lately. He said winter is still on according to astronomical calculations, despite the moderate climate during noon, adding that cold waves have surprised us in some years at the end of the winter season, adding that the true cold ends every year by the end of February which is the period of mixing two seasons and a transition period between winter and spring.
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