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Commerce minister satisfied over the price adjustment for Ramadan
June 1, 2016, 9:19 am

 Minister of Commerce and Industry Yousuf Al-Ali has expressed satisfaction over the price adjustment for Ramadan, stressing the ministry is closely monitoring the prices of sheep to protect consumers especially during Eid Al-Fitr.

In a press statement, Al-Ali affirmed the ministry has intensified its efforts to prevent greedy traders from taking advantage of the holy month to earn higher profits. He disclosed the ministry granted judicial police powers to commercial inspectors in order to facilitate the completion of their task and to quickly take the necessary action against anyone proven to have violated the price control or product safety regulations.

He confirmed that the inspection campaigns will continue throughout Ramadan, adding that the inspectors had earlier confiscated 1,440 bottles of a drink product because they uncovered commercial cheating operation involving this product.

He clarified the cooperative societies have no intention to respond to the request of some companies to increase the prices of certain commodities, reiterating there will be no price hike within the current period.

In other news, Chairman of the Society for Protecting Public Fund Muhalhil Al-Mudhaf has criticized the government for not dealing with the aspects of public funds misuse before blocking the budget deficit generated by citizens, reports Al-Qabas daily.

He expressed the society’s objection to the project of Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor, and considered it to be destructive 'to social and voluntary activities. He also said the Ministry of Health recorded the highest rate of public funds wastage, and cited overseas medical treatment and collection of health insurance fees as the two major forms of misappropriating public funds.

He revealed that some agencies haVe been coopcraling with the society to protect public funds, among them the Public Authority for Minors Affairs, Public Authority for  Anticorruption, the Credit Bank, Ministry of Housing Affairs. and State Audit Bureau. He also named the Minister of Public Works Dr. Ali Al-Omair and Minister of Commerce and Industry Dr. Yousef Al-Ali for their total cooperation in that concern.

Source: Arab Times

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