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Committee approves proposals on higher education
June 16, 2015, 9:47 am

The Education, Culture and Guidance Affairs Committee at the National Assembly approved Monday several proposals regarding higher education. Committee Chairman MP Auda Al- Ruwaiei confirmed approval of 56 proposals on regulating educational work, in addition to establishing branches of institutes and faculties in different governorates.

He added that in the past two days, the committee discussed around 130 bills, as well as the government’s comments on the bills concerning the regulation of educational activities. He also affirmed completion of a study on the higher education regulation draft bill which will be presented to the legislature soon for voting. He said the committee deliberated on the current situation of psychologists and sociologists who are not receiving the teaching allowance, the proposed establishment of media and cultural television stations, and granting scholarship to Kuwaitis who shoulder their own expenses for studying abroad provided they fulfill the conditions.

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