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Committee studying medical fee hikes completes its work
April 20, 2015, 8:36 am

The committee tasked to study the proposal to increase fees for medical services offered to expatriates has completed its work, reports a local daily quoting Ministry of Health Undersecretary Dr Khalid Al-Sehlawi. While disclosing that the committee has submitted its report to Health Minister Dr Ali Al-Obeidi, Al-Sehlawi affirmed the fees for medical services offered to expatriates will be increased but he refused to divulge the new schedule of fees.

He pointed out the current fees are 20 percent less than those charged by private medical institutions in other countries; clarifying certain patients, particularly the emergency cases, will be given free medical treatments. He asserted the current fees received from expatriates are very low; hence, the existing fee schedule is considered wastage of public funds.

He also attributed the huge crowd often seen in X-ray departments, laboratories and others to the low medical fees. He said the health insurance company for expatriates working in the private sector will be in charge of their health insurance, indicating three hospitals and 15 medical centers will be constructed for them instead of treating them in hospitals affiliated to the Ministry of Health. He believes this step will have a positive impact on the quality of medical services provided to Kuwaitis.

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