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Committee tackles various issues
June 15, 2015, 9:58 am

The Legal and Legislative Affairs Committee will finalize its report on the Judicial Autonomy Bill within the next 10 days, Committee Chairman MP Mubarak Al-Harees said after the committee meeting on Sunday. He affirmed the committee will refer its report to the Parliament for approval before the end of the current legislative round. He disclosed the committee also discussed the proposed amendment of the Cyber Crime Bill which was approved in its first reading, as well as the Juvenile Bill but postponed voting until the next meeting. He said the committee has also started discussing a draft bill on real estate registration.

Meanwhile, the Human Resources Development Committee on Sunday tackled the proposal to amend Civil Service Law number 15/1997 in relation to the strategic alternative to the salary scale.

Representatives of the Public Institution for Social Security and Civil Service Commission attended the meeting. Committee Rapporteur MP Ahmed Al- Qudaibi revealed the panel asked the concerned authorities to present projections concerning implementation of the strategic alternative. He said the committee categorized the employees as follows: new employees, those who will benefit from the strategic alternative and those receiving high salaries. He explained the plan is to apply the strategic alternative on the first and second categories as long as it will not affect their basic salaries.

He affirmed the strategic alternative ensures there will be no cut in the salaries of existing employees, while the government is obligated to present its opinion on the proposal to the Parliament to make sure there is no negative effect on the current and new employees. In another development, the Foreign Affairs Committee on Sunday endorsed the proposal to amend the Diplomatic and Consular Work Law. Committee Chairman MP Hamad Al-Harshani clarified the proposal aims to support workers in the diplomatic and consular fields.

Earlier, the government reportedly referred a draft law on amending some provisions of law number 21/1962 on the diplomatic and consular system to the National Assembly. According to the draft, the Foreign Affairs Ministry undersecretary should have the same rank as an ambassador and his position is ‘deputy foreign affairs minister’.

The Foreign Affairs minister shall issue a decision regarding the undersecretary’s deputy and his title should not be lower than deputy minister. Furthermore, MP Saleh Ashour has forwarded queries to the minister of health on the condition of some public clinics and the recent accident that led to the death of two paramedics. He said the results of investigation revealed that the cause of accident was faulty tyres which were not replaced for a long time. He also cited numerous reports on the lack of medical equipment in ambulances.

He wants to know the budget allocated for the maintenance of ambulances and plan to upgrade the ambulance service, while requesting for a copy of the results of investigation on the death of the two paramedics. On the alleged closure of the surgery room at Amiri hospital for two months now, the lawmaker demanded for details such as reasons for closing the surgery room, steps taken to serve patients who need surgery and company in charge of the maintenance of the surgery room.

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