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Communication Ministry launches Phase 2 of fiber optic-operated networks
December 22, 2015, 9:06 am

Phase two of fiber optic-operated internet begins

Phase two of distributing fiber optic-operated internet to 34 areas in the country has begun, Minister of Communications and of State for Municipal Affairs Essa Al-Kandari said on Monday.

In a speech inaugurating the distribution, he said that the Ministry is working in accordance to a pre-set timeframe, adding that the Ministry will be replacing all traditional landline networks with these fiber optic-operated systems.

The new systems will provide high quality phone services and high speed internet, adding the new systems will provide new service such as digital TV cable.

On his part, the Ministry's Undersecretary Hameed Al-Qattan pointed out that the fiber optic network will provide fast streaming of audio and video files, up to 70 megabits.

Newly residential areas that are still lacking phone service will have a priority to have these new network installed. He called on citizens and residents to cooperate with the Ministry during the installation process.

Meanwhile, "Huawei Technologies" CEO Trevor Liu said his company, which is supervising the project, is able to provide the Ministry with all needed technologies and equipment to complete this project as soon as possible. Phase Two of the project will include 34 residnetail areas: Mishref, Bayan, Midan Hawally, Sabah Al-Salem, Al-Adan and Al-Qusoor, to name a few.

Source: KUNA

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