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Companies not paying salary on time will face legal action
July 13, 2016, 8:19 am

Acting head of the Public Authority for Manpower Ahmed Al-Mousa stated Tuesday afternoon that the authority has summoned the cleaning and sanitation company whose workers demonstrated at the airport earlier the same day, in order to answer to labor rights violations that have led to the demonstration.

Al-Mousa asserted that necessary legal actions will be taken against the company if it was proven to be in violation, especially when it comes to the monthly salary of its workers. He then clarified that most labor demonstrations that have occurred recently is due to companies failing to pay salaries, and that such companies have been faced with necessary legal actions in addition to suspending its file at PAM until violations have been corrected, “as PAM is keen on protecting the laborers and their rights in the country,” affirmed Al-Mousa.

Furthermore, the official noted that the authority is working closely with the Central Tenders Committee in executing the rules and regulations against violating companies. In the case of failing to pay salaries, the committee will suspend their file, preventing them from signing any contract with any governmental body until all pending salaries were paid.

Ahmed Al-Mousa stressed that there is no exception when it comes to labor rights, and that violating companies tarnishes the reputation of the country in international arena and human rights organizations considering the given title of humanitarian canter.

Therefore, Al-Mousa highlighted that PAM will be nothing but vigilant in dealing with labor strikes and demonstrations, insuring their rights, and executing the law on those responsible as has been done so far.

Source: Arab Times

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