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Companies to get nod to recruit 20-30% of personnel overseas
October 19, 2014, 9:07 am

Public Authority for Manpower will soon issue a decision to allow recruitment of expatriate personnel from overseas starting from beginning of next year based on certain conditions and stipulations so that the population structure of Kuwait is not negatively affected, reports Al-Anba daily quoting reliable sources.They explained that a company can recruit about 20-30 percent of its personnel from overseas based on its need, as identified after assessing the company’s file.

An employee who enters Kuwait after the authority issues this decision will not be allowed to transfer his visa to another sponsor within the first three years even if they hold professional degrees. Meanwhile, Al-Watan Arabic daily reported that companies will be allowed to recruit 30 percent of their personnel from overseas based on the stipulations allotted in this regard.

The laborers of some sectors such as agriculture, fishing and industries will be allowed to transfer their visa within the same sector only after three years. In addition, sources revealed that the Public Manpower Authority is planning to launch online services for big companies and contractors of government projects to complete their transactions such as issuance of work permits, renewal and transfer of work permits and termination of the visas of expatriate laborers who stayed outside the country for more than six months.

Meanwhile, a group of Kuwaiti citizens who were dismissed from companies in private sector have called on the concerned authority to find rapid solution to the issue of redundancy in the country before it turns into crisis, reports Al-Qabas daily. In a press statement, head of the group Khalid Al-Duwaisan said they have been knocking on doors for the past five years without finding any solution to the issue of joblessness, in the face of difficult financial situations, accumulated debts and ensuing legal battles.

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