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Confronting hate speech "vital" - Kuwaiti MP at meeting in Ankara
March 21, 2015, 8:22 am
Kuwaiti National Assembly delegation

Vital measures should be taken to confront and counter hate speech around the globe, a member of the Kuwaiti delegation to the meeting for the Asian Parliament Assembly's political affairs committee said here Friday.

In his speech to the meeting's session on using media to counter hate speech, MP at the Kuwaiti National Assembly Abdullah Al-Maayouf said that acts of inciting violence against a group of people should not be taken lightly, calling for measures to stop this kind of act.

"There are countries and corporations that sponsor satellite channels dedicated to the spread of hate on the grounds of freedom of speech," affirmed Al-Maayouf.

The Kuwait MP called on the committee to formulate a legislation that condemns hate speech, noting that such act was of paramount importance.

Kuwait MP urges APA to endorse anti-terror resolution

Kuwait lawmaker Dr. Awda Al Rowaey urged the Asian Parliamentary Assembly (APA)'s Standing Committee on Political Affairs to ratify the draft anti-terror resolution.

The resolution should not be confined to certain numbers of terrorist groups, but rather it has to be more general to extend to the groups that could emerge in the future, MP Al Rowaey said on the sidelines of the meeting of the APA's Standing Committee on Political Affairs, currently held in Ankara.

He added that there should be clear condemnation of terrorism in all its manifestations and states that patronize it.

Al Rowaey also noted that the meeting tackled a wide array of key issues relevant to Asian affairs such as the friendship declaration, workers rights, and the role of media in boosting inter-Asian relations.

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