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Construction workers live miserable lives in Kuwait
April 6, 2015, 9:05 am

Number of construction workers total 186,087

The latest statistical report from the Central Statistics Administration revealed that 62.11 percent of the expatriate construction workers are Asians and 35 percent are Arabs, reports a local daily. The report showed the number of expatriate construction workers as at June 2014 totaled 186,087 or 17.13 percent of the entire expatriate workforce in Kuwait.

Meanwhile, sources said there are many miserable and sad stories about these expatriate workers, most of whom live in residences for bachelors in Kheitan, Farwaniya, Hassawi and other areas where poor construction workers usually reside.

Many of them disclosed that their dream is to live away from pressure of sponsors who force them to pay huge amounts every year to renew their visas. Adel Al-Ghareb, one of the workers, said he paid KD1,600 to a middleman who introduced him to his sponsor before coming to Kuwait. He sold part of a land belonging to his wife and since his arrival in Kuwait, almost seven months ago, he has not landed on any job. He added his fellow construction workers assisted him in terms of food and housing, indicating he lives with five of his compatriots in a room with KD35 rent.

He explained that he resorted to working as a construction worker after his efforts to secure a driving or office job failed, while he obtained a diploma certificate in manufacturing. Another worker, Ehab Seyyid informed that he dropped the idea of getting married in Egypt as he used his money to ‘buy’ a visa.

He said his fiancee encouraged him to travel to Kuwait with the impression that his life will improve, but he has yet to secure a job after one year of arrival in Kuwait. He admitted it is impossible for him to return home as he needs to recover the money he spent on procuring visa, while he feels the urge to get married like any young man.

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