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Consular Services rendered by the Embassy during 2014
January 6, 2015, 5:55 pm

It has been the endeavour of the Embassy to make its services prompt, courteous and easily accessible to all in Kuwait. As part of these ongoing efforts, the Embassy rendered various consular services during the year 2014. The highlights are as under:

(a) Passports services: The Embassy issued over 77,700 passports during the year 2014, representing a growth of about 5.5 percent over the year 2013.

(b) Visas: The Embassy issued over 12,700 visas during 2014, registering an increase of 20% of visas issued during the year 2013.

(c) PIO/OCI cards: There has been significant jump in issue of PIO cards during 2014. Embassy issued 80 such cards, showing 117% increase over the number of cards issued in 2013. With regard to OCI cards, it has also showed an increase of 20% over the number of OCI cards issued in 2013.

(d) Death registration: The total number of deaths of Indian nationals registered with the Embassy during 2014 is 559, registering an increase of about 5% over the deaths occurred in 2013. During the period, 434 mortal remains were transported to India while 125 dead bodies were buried locally. The total death compensation (including outstanding dues from the companies) remitted by the Embassy to legal heirs in India was Rs. 6.20 Crore. The Embassy is updating on a daily basis the status of the disposal/transportation of mortal remains of Indians died in Kuwait as well as updating data information of the deceased Indian nationals in Kuwait in the Website under e-migrate (transportation of mortal remains from ECR countries) of Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs, Govt of India.

(e) Attestation: The Embassy attested a total of 96,145 documents like Power of Attorney, Driving License, Relationship certificates, affidavits etc. There is an increase of about 23 percent in attestation work in 2014 over the attestations done in 2013.

(f) Emergency Certificates (EC): During the year 2014, the Embassy issued 2815 ECs to Indian national for their repatriation to India showing an increase of about 7 percent over the figures of ECs issued in 2013.

Outreach to Indian nationals:

2. To assist Indian national in Kuwait, the Embassy opened a Passport Centre in Jleeb Al Shuwaikh (Abbasiya) from August 2014. Further, the visa procedure was streamlined and simplified for the benefit of Kuwaiti and other foreigners travelling to India. Also, to render assistance with regard to passport, visa and attestation services, an ‘open house’ is being held every working day, once in the morning from 1000-1100 hrs and again in the afternoon from 1430-1530 hrs. During the “Open House”, any member of the Indian community can interact with the officer on duty in the Meeting Room without prior appointment.

(b) “Open House” by Ambassador on every Wednesday from 1500-1600 hrs. During this “Open House”, any member of the Indian community can interact with Ambassador without prior appointment.

(c) Mobile numbers of all officers are given on the Embassy’s website. All Indian nationals may use this facility to call the concerned officer as per the need.

(d) An emergency contact number 22530600 is available on 24/7 basis for all Indian community members residing in Kuwait.

3.  In order to provide even greater avenues for interaction with the Indian community, following officers of the Embassy are available from 1000 hrs-1200 hrs to all members of Indian community without prior appointment. Their areas of responsibilities are mentioned below:

(a) Shri J.S. Dangi, Second Secretary (Consular), Mobile No. 97229947 for Consular matters, including passport issues, attestation, family disputes.

(b) Shri Ashok Kumar, Attache (Labour-I), Mobile No. 97229946 for individual labour issues apart from company labour diputes.

(c) Smt. Sunila Krishnan, Attache (Labour-II), Mobile No. 97264247 for company labour disputes.

(d) Shri Arvind Srivastava, Assistant(Visa), Mobile No. 65127918 for visa related issues.

(e) Shri B.K. Sinha, Assistant (Community Welfare), Mobile No.97164067 for jail & detention cases and Emergency Certificates.

(f) Shri Deepak Seth, Local Staff, Mobile No. 66565703 and Shri Shakeel Ahmad, Local Staff, Mobile No. 99793382 for death cases.

Comments, suggestions etc. from Indian community in Kuwait are most welcome to further improve the Embassy services. 





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