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Consumer subcommittees to control market, boost economy- official
March 31, 2015, 11:42 am

 A Ministry of Commerce and Industry body targeting protection of consumers against negative practices on the market has finalized the formation of subcommittees, a ministry official said. Forming the subcommittees of the National Committee for Consumer Protection (NCCP) is a significant step toward controlling the market for people's welfare and the good of the national economy, NCCP Deputy Chairman Abdullah Al-Enezi said.

Al-Enezi who is the ministry's Assistant Undersecretary for Market Control and Consumers' Protection added that a host of resolutions were taken last night on subcommittees in line with article 26 of law 39/2014. Following the formation of the technical secretariat subcommittee, other four followed last night, for investigating complaints, checking quality standards, media, and reviewing contracts, he said. A mechanism will soon be designed for the duties of each.

The NCCP, the nucleus of a higher objective, setting up an independent public authority for consumer protection, is a firm tool to counter trade fraud and unlawful price hikes, Al-Enezi stressed.

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