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Court acquits youngest DAESHI
April 25, 2016, 8:35 am

The Court Appeals, headed by Judge Najeeb Al-Mulla, upheld the verdict of the First Instance Court which acquitted the youngest person, 19 years old, accused of joining the terrorist organization –DAESH in Kuwait.

The suspect, a military man in the Ministry of Defense, denied the charge when he appeared before the court, although he had earlier confessed to the Public Prosecution that he went  to Syria as he was convinced by the DAESH ideology through following it up on social media. He also said then that he decided to join the group in Syria and agreed with one of its followers through Twitter to meet in Turkey and he infiltrated into Syria.

He revealed that he joined a training camp, along with many Arabs and he was taught how to use all kinds of weapons and how to attack military targets with mobile missiles. When he could not take part in their military operations, he decided to return to Kuwait after spending three months in the training camp as he discovered that DAESH members do not comply with prayers contrary to their claim.

Earlier, the Public Prosecution charged the suspect with committing an offensive act against Syria without getting permission from the Kuwaiti government, because he joined a banned organization and underwent training in martial arts and military weapons, thereby endangering the political relations of the country.

The prosecution also charged him with spreading hostile principles which the banned organization is promoting against the regimes of Arab countries.

Source: Arab Times

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