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Crackdown against driving ‘buggies’ on streets begins
November 10, 2016, 8:33 am

Acting Assistant Undersecretary for Traffic Affairs at Ministry of Interior Major General Fahad Al-Shuwai declared that traffic campaigns against riding buggies (All- Terrain Vehicles) on main roads, residential areas, highways and beaches have been launched from Wednesday, Nov 9.

He said the campaigns are in line with the decision of Ministry of Interior to eradicate the use of buggies in the abovementioned locations, affirming that the violating buggies will be seized during the campaigns.

Major General Al-Shuwai explained that decision No. 245/1983 and decision No. 900/2009 ban the use of buggies in residential areas, highways, main roads and beaches. Buggies can only be ridden in desert areas and race tracks allocated.

He revealed that buggies seized during the campaigns will not be returned to their owners unless the latter carry out all necessary procedures and pay the fines and relevant costs, indicating that the maximum period for retention of the seized buggies is two months unless the General Traffic Department are convinced of the reasons for extending the retention period.

Major General Al-Shuwai lamented that the use of buggies in residential areas and on main roads have led to many tragic accidents in which a number of victims lost their lives.

Source: Arab Times

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