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Crackdown launched on society ills
January 20, 2016, 8:08 am
Municipality vehicles lift cars abandoned on streets and open spaces

Jahra Municipality embarked on a campaign in different parts of the governorate and removed several encroachments on state property; waste materials, dead animals and abandoned cars, and dealt with negative phenomena such as hawking and rental of buggies in Kabad, Jahra, Abdali and Salmi Motorway. The campaign led to the removal of abandoned trolleys and 15 truffle stalls for violating the regulations of the Municipality, while the inspectors issued citations against several hawkers on Salmi Road.

Meanwhile, officers from the Capital Municipality launched a campaign in Sharq Industrial area and removed 11 abandoned vehicles and impounded two noisy vehicles. The operation led by Head of Encroachment Removal Section at Kuwait Municipality Engineer Abdullah Al-Jaber is in line with regulations activated against several unauthorized activities, including vehicles displayed for sale at parking lots, abandoned vehicles, and owners of businesses using space in front of their shops for commercial activities, which ruin the general scenery and cause traffic jam.

Source: Arab Times

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