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Crackdown on vice; gays, prostitutes target
October 13, 2015, 9:51 am

Kuwaiti Police have started to be deployed on key streets late at night to check women dressed indecently as part of a campaign women involved on vice, says Emirates 24/7 online news.

The crackdown also targets men dressed in women’s clothes hunting for men going out late night in the capital Kuwait City and other areas of the country. The Arabic language daily ‘Al Anba’, quoting an interior ministry statement, said a large number of policemen have been deployed in suspected areas and have started to check the IDs of indecently dressed women and suspected gays. “Police and other security men will be positioned in those areas all night to crack down on such obscene and unethical practices by men and women,” the statement said. It said scores of suspected prostitutes have already been rounded up in various areas, adding that they include Arab, African and Asian women.

The report said those arrested included three men caught in women’s dresses and in possession of make-up items in their bags. Prostitution is strictly banned in Kuwait, where expatriate women convicted in such offences are jailed and deported.

Source: Arab Times

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