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Crew to be thoroughly investigated for criminal activity
July 28, 2015, 10:15 am

Intensive investigations on the immoral pictures take in the cockpit of a Kuwait Airways aircraft have started and they will include all members of the crew.

Kuwait Airways Corporation (KAC) Executive Manager Abdullah Al-Sharhan, who is supervising the investigations, disclosed, 'New developments are now clear for us and we will announce them once the investigations, which will not take many days, are done.” On the possibility of referring the issue to the court, Al- Sharhan said in a press statement to the daily that this step will be taken if proven after the investigations that a crime was committed.

He emphasized the KAC is handling the administrative part of the case in accordance with the procedures and bylaws. On suspicions raised over the date of the incident— July 6, 2013, he stressed the date was verified in the meeting as published in the British newspaper.

Meanwhile, reliable sources in KAC affirmed that the date is one hundred percent accurate, indicating the investigations proved that the incident took place on board flight number 101 Airbus 340 which took off from Heathrow Airport to JFK Airport in New York on July 2013.

Furthermore, MP Faisal Al-Shaye has refuted the allegation that he mediated in favor of the pilot who appeared in the immoral pictures published in newspapers. He said in a press statement , Some Twitter users spread rumors for unknown reasons, just to tarnish people s reputation. One of these rumors is that l called the Minister of Communications to mediate for the pilot because he is my friend and he visits my diwaniya. I do not know him and he has never visited my diwaniya."

"Moreover, I do not mediate for any person who violates the law. Accordingly the person who spread such rumor musts face consequences of the legal action I intend to take." Furthermore, MP Sultan Al-Leghaisam hailed the quick response of Minister of Communications and State Minister for Municipality Affirs Issa Al-Kandari in dealing with this case and his national role in giving instructions to the concerned officials to investigate the case.

He added, "We know that the minister is a lawmaker before being a minister. We know that he is very keen on developing KAC to regain its status in the Gulf, so we support his directives in this domain. However, we ask the minister to be transparent in disclosing results of investigations to the entire Kuwaiti nation, as well as the procedures which will be taken in this respect. The KAC board of directors must also take the necessary measures to prevent recurrence of such incident."

Source: Arab Times

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