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Current fish prices can be afforded by all: official
October 24, 2015, 9:04 am

Following the huge turnout of public at the fish and shrimp auction on Thursday, Chairman of Kuwait Fishermen Union Dhahar Al- Soyaan revealed that 879 baskets of shrimps were presented for the auction sale and the fish prices differed on basis of the type of fish. He explained that the fish prices are still affected by the public boycott of fish purchase but the current prices can be afforded by all.  A basket of ‘Shahamiya’ costs between KD 10 and KD 15.

One kilogram each of ‘Hamour’ and ‘Balool’ cost KD 4 while ‘Shaom’ fish costs KD 3 per kilogram, ‘Nuwaibi’ KD 3.5 per kilogram, ‘Zubaidi’ between KD 6 and KD 7 per kilogram and a basket of shrimps costs between KD 60 and KD 70.

Al-Soyaan requested the fishermen to cooperate with the union and meet the needs of the public as per the allowed fishing quota, urging them to ensure no fraud is committed in the selling of fish in order to avoid legal repercussions by Ministry of Commerce and Industry. He also urged the fishmongers to adhere to the standards of cleanliness in order to avoid receiving citations from Kuwait Municipality.

Source: Al-Seyassah

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