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Customers decry proliferation of fake products in the market
July 11, 2016, 8:47 am

Citizens, expatriates and officials in showrooms for electric equipment, electronics and textile have expressed disappointment over the spread of fake equipment and textile that carry international brands but do not come close to the quality of the original products.

They said consumers can no longer differentiate whether the items they are buying are fake or original as everything has been mixed up in the market where the traders of fake electronics are only concerned with making quick profits by cheating or deception.

They stressed the need to hold accountable the traders who cheat their customers by selling fake products. The concerned monitoring authorities that seem to be absent in the markets must stop the import of these fake products, they added.

A citizen, Abu Ibrahim, said: “Fake products have spread in different local markets. Even big commercial centers cheat their customers as they sell fake products such as computers and television sets. Fake products have become widespread like fire and have ‘conquered’ the original products for years as some Chinese companies managed to imitate all genuine or original products. It is possible to buy a fake product but it should be my intention and own will, not by being cheated by the seller.”

Attorney Mubarak Al-Mutawa confirmed that the Kuwaiti law criminalizes the act of cheating in commercial markets, especially since Kuwait is a signatory to several agreements on protecting copyrights.

Source: Arab Times

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