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Customs seizes 15,000 drug pills from Egyptian trucker
May 11, 2017, 8:44 am

Customs officers manning the land border crossing points recently foiled an attempt by an unidentified trucker to smuggle 15,000 drug pills into the country, reports local daily.

The daily added, the truck arrived from Egypt and the Egyptian trucker was carrying a cargo of olive oil and ‘halawah’. The daily added, when the trucker arrived at the land crossing point, he appeared disoriented and the officers suspected him and thoroughly checked the cargo.

The inspectors found hidden among the cargo the Tramadol pills. During interrogation, the trucker said he was just a carrier. He added, the pills were given to him by one of the drug smugglers in Egypt to be handed over to his counterpart in Kuwait. The suspect and the contraband have been handed over to the General Department for Drugs Control.

Source: Arab Times

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