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Cut electricity, phone lines of non-returnees
August 9, 2015, 9:56 am

The officer incharge of the electricity and water office at Kuwait International Airport Fatmah Al- Tawakuli has requested Ministry of Electricity and Water to authorize the office to disconnect the power supply of expatriates who leave the country for good, reports Al-Rai daily.

She said many expatriates do not disconnect power from their apartments before departing the country for good due to certain situations or out of forgetfulness. Al-Tawakuli insisted that outstanding debts should be collected by the ministry to protect the public fund, explaining that the ministry opened the office at the airport to provide some services such as payment of bills, registration of electricity and water meters and printing out clearances.

Meanwhile, an officer from the Cable Services Center at the airport Amal Al-Nua’imi urged Ministry of Communications to allow the center to disconnect the telephone lines of subscribers especially those who are leaving the country for good. She affirmed that this action will prevent accumulation of unpaid bills, as they can collect outstanding debts to protect the public fund.

Al-Nua’imi disclosed that the office was opened in 2005 to offer services that include payment of bills for landlines, sending cables and international fax, indicating that the office works 24 hours daily on four shifts based on directives from the Assistant Undersecretary for Postal Sector Mu’jab Al-Dousari.

Source: Arab Times

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