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CyberCaliphate IP address ‘traced’ to Kuwait
November 15, 2015, 9:57 am

The hacker group ‘Anonymous’ has uncovered interesting findings on ISIS terrorist hacker group ‘CyberCaliphate’. It managed to trace the operations of CyberCaliphate to a single IP address in Kuwait, reports Al-Rai daily. JhonJoe, a hacker with Anonymous said in an interview over Twitter, “They operated under about 10 Twitter accounts, each with different names”. He explained that Anonymous has been keeping an eye on the CyberCaliphate’s Twitter accounts.

The terrorist hackers posted every 10 minutes in a day, which indicated that they are running the operations as a full-time job. The ISIS accounts last about eight hours before they are suspended by Twitter. After about 10 suspensions, they disappear for a few weeks and then re-emerge under a different name but with the CyberCaliphate banner. They were all traced to the same IP address in Kuwait.

According to JhonJoe, they were tipped off to the location of the IP address by an independent security contractor who had been hired to conduct an investigation after one of his client’s details were published by CyberCaliphate. “We ran our own investigation a few weeks later and got the same result,” JhonJoe said. He went on to say that most people who are privy to online security use a proxy to hide their locations, which basically means that they bounce their connection off to a different IP address to make it seem as though they are operating from the different address.

Jhon Joe affirmed their certainty that the Kuwait IP address is the final location of CyberCaliphate, adding that the ISIS hackers were using a proxy but Anonymous was able to trace their locations beyond the proxy.

He said, “We went through a proxy already and could not detect the Kuwait one as a proxy, which is why we are definite that it is not a proxy”. The latest findings of Anonymous align with the previous information they released.

In September, JhonJoe provided Epoch Times with the phone numbers and home addresses of ISIS online recruiters, which Anonymous had tricked them into providing during a sting operation. The home addresses of the ISIS recruiters are in various countries including Kuwait, Iraq, Turkey, and Indonesia.

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