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DAESH sympathisers said to lose passports
July 29, 2015, 9:49 am

The State Security apparatus have completed interrogations with several people belong to adopt the DAESH ideology, reports Al-Anba daily quoting high level security sources.

The sources added, these people had earlier been warned — the daily did not say how — that their movements were being constantly monitored and that they were being watched including their contacts with extremist elements. The same sources said scores of suspects including Kuwaitis and citizens from the GCC countries were rounded up and detained for interrogations.

The daily, without mentioning what the authorities did with the Kuwaiti suspects, said the GCC men were immediately deported from the country in the name of public interest. A detailed report on the investigations was also sent to the respective GCC member states to which the suspects belonged. According to security sources the government is determined to use its iron fist against any persons involved in terrorist acts including those who participate, shelter the suspects, plan or support such elements, irrespective whether the act is committed in Kuwait or any GCC member state.

The sources revealed the Interior Ministry, in what it called precautionary measures, has withdrawn the passports of those who are found to be sympathizing with DAESH. The sources added the security authorities also summoned for interrogation some suspects and since they cannot be detained without proof, checked their cellphones, the names of their contacts and released them after informing them that their movements are being monitored.

The sources have confirmed that the State Security database contains important information about extremists and particularly members of the DAESH organization in the Gulf countries and this contributed to the arrest of a large number of them in Saudi Arabia.

According to reliable sources, the Kuwaiti-Saudi cooperation has gained momentum in the recent past particularly following the bombing of mosques in both countries. The same sources added, at least 15 senior officers from Kuwait’s Interior Ministry shuttle between both countries to exchange information and work in coordination with their Saudi brothers to track down extremists.

Source: Arab Times

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