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DAESH targeting bedouns
July 15, 2015, 10:33 am

The Islamic State or the so-called DAESH organization is now reportedly targeting the bedouns who are studying overseas by offering them handsome packages including financing their studies and providing them decent housing in return for implementing the organization’s schemes and luring them to embrace the deviant thought, reports Al- Shahed daily.

The daily quoting reliable sources said DAESH has taken advantage of the dwindling situation of the bedoun students enrolled in foreign and Arab universities due to the high cost of living in the country where they study and increasing education costs. This situation has reportedly prompted some students loyal to DAESH to form groups to communicate with and offer help to students who encounter financial difficulties on condition they will convince other students to join the organization and promote its thought.

The sources added scores of bedoun students who are enrolled in universities abroad have not taken the approval from the Central Agency for Remedying the Status of Illegal Residents or the Ministry of Higher Education.

The daily added, some cultural offices at Kuwaiti’s embassies abroad are said to have registered them without opening the files and given them identities in violation of rules and regulations.

According to sources in the Ministry of Higher Education some of these bedoun students have joined universities which are not recognized by the ministry, but the main aim was not to study but to get the passport under Article 17.

In the meantime, sources have pointed out that the British authorities have taken into custody two young men believed to be bedoun while they were on their way to Leeds by hiding under a truck. They have been handed over to the concerned authorities for interrogation and know their motives of going to Leeds.

Source: Al- Shahed daily.

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