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DAESH threatens terrorist operations
August 14, 2016, 9:48 am

The judicial authority has taken a series of strict security measures for the protection of its employees in Justice Palace after DAESH threatened to carry out terrorist operations on the palace, reports Aljarida daily quoting top judicial sources.

They explained that the threats were made through the accounts of the terrorist organization on social media, targeting the judges and counselors who ruled against the members of DAESH in the case of the bombing of Imam Al-Sadiq Mosque including Fahad Faraj who is the leader of the group in Kuwait.

The judicial officials discussed the threats during a meeting with Ministry of Interior and the latter arranged special security protection for the judges. The sources said the Supreme Judicial Council authorized the President of the Constitutional Court and President of the Cassation Court Yousef Al-Mutawa to follow up with the minister of Interior for all necessary security measures to ensure the protection of Justice Palace.

They said the Undersecretary of Ministry of Justice and a member of the Supreme Judicial Council Abdullatif Al- Sarea was instructed to pursue the matter and take necessary steps to fi ll the security gaps in the administrative and occupational sides of the building, and to submit a report in this regard to the council.

Reportedly, the actions taken so far include the allocation of an entry gate for members of the judiciary as well as separate elevators for only judges, advisers and members of the Public Prosecution which will not be used by lawyers of Fatwa and Legislation Department and members of the Municipal Council like they did before.

The sources stressed that the judiciary authority deals with such warnings and threats seriously; however, the reported threats will not affect the work of the judges.

Source: Arab Times

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