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Dasman Diabetes treats 35 gangrene patients
July 27, 2015, 11:52 am

Dasman Diabetes Institute announced the successful treatment of some 35 patients who were infected with gangrene, reports Al-Qabas daily. It added the institute ensured the affected parts of the body weren't amputated using ultramodern treatment techniques that contributed to the complete recovery of some patients and rapid healing of the lesions of others within seven months, even though doctors in other hospitals had already decided to amputate the part infected because it threatened their general health condition.

Director General of the institute, Dr. Kazem Behbehani said the institute has performed successful experimental treatments in many public hospitals through medical cooperation with CIGB in Cuba. He added the institute since January started using the drug Heberport-P (advanced injection produced in Cuba for the treatment of many advanced cases of gangrene). According to World Health Organization (WHO), some 450 million people will diabetic by 2025, of which 15 to 35 may be infected by gangrene.

Meanwhile, the public is calling Ministry of Health to activate its role in creating awareness on the dangers of diabetes that threatens the existence of Kuwaiti society. 

For his part, MP Abdullah Al- Mayouf stressed the importance of introducing health culture in the educational curriculum due to the widespread of diseases such as diabetes and medical disorders in the society. He called for the ministry to protect the community from falling victims to advertisements on profit-making at the expense health.

Head of Diabetes Unit at the Amiri Hospital Dr. Abdul Nabi Al-Attar added the disease became a major problem that can only be overcome through joint effort among non-official bodies. 

Source: Al- Qabas

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