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Daughters find mother’s corpse 8 months after death
April 24, 2014, 9:46 pm

In one of the strangest cases in Kuwait’s history, two daughters, who lived with their mother in the same flat, found her dead – eight months after her death. The daughters assumed that she was sleeping, during this eight-month period.

The mother’s body had turned into skeleton.

The daughters were reportedly out of the flat every day to look for food to sustain themselves economically and totally neglected their mother, who slept in a different room.

They told investigators that they thought their mother, who was well covered by a blanket, was in good condition and that she woke up every day after they left and slept before they came back home.

They discovered that she was dead and that her body had turned into a skeleton only after one of them lifted the blanket to see how the mother was doing, local daily Al Watan reported on Wednesday.

Shocked by the macabre discovery, they called the police, who launched an investigation.

According to the paper, the police ruled out any foul play and decided not to press charges, especially that the mother’s death was natural.

Online readers expressed deep shock over the report, blaming the daughters for their lack of sensitivity and total absence of feelings.

“When we go beyond the moral issues, you would have smelled a dead chicken easily,” one reader wrote. “How come you could smell your mother’s corpse? This is crazy.”

Salem, another reader, refused to believe the story.

“Even if we suppose the two daughters had mental issues, I am sure the poor woman had a relative, someone who knew her,” he wrote. “There is no way no one asks about her for eight months. This is too much,” he posted.

Wejan said that the two daughters knew about their mother’s death and did not wish to report it for some reason.

“I am sure there is something fishy here because it does not make sense at all,” Wejan posted. “They could not possibly live next to a corpse for eight months and not even taking a slight look at their mother for such a long period.”


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