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Death penalty, life imprisonment await nuclear wastes importers
December 23, 2014, 2:03 pm

Deputy Director of the Environment Public Authority for Technical Affairs Mohammed Al-Enezi announced here on Tuesday that the authority began to take the necessary measures to activate the Law No. 42/2014 on protection of the environment in the country, including the imposition of the executive regulations required by the law in which the penalties vary from prison to the death penalty.

Al-Enezi told KUNA that the sanctions vary between penalties and fines to one year imprisonment in case of violation of the law by officials who are not committed to transfer, collection and control of waste of all types within their organizations.

He warned that life imprisonment and death penalty await anyone who imports or brings nuclear waste and disposes to the country, noting that the fines start at 100 Kuwaiti dinars (kd) for the person who smokes in public and semi-enclosed places to kd million for smugglers of nuclear materials.

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